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It has been awhile since  I’ve written about Bukhansan National Park. In February, I moved to a new neighborhood that is more central in Seoul but farther away from the base of the mountain. However, I recently discovered an amazing trail that offered a completely… Read More

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  For two weeks out of the year, cherry blossoms make the Korean landscape a bit more magical. In a culture of selfie professionals,  these two weeks bring a full-on cherry-blossom-selfie craze. So, while I am not usually one to hop on the lets-take-photos-of-flowers bonanza, I… Read More

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637.7 Meters

Wooooheeee, Suraksan Mountain. This is an incredibly impressive hike, both for its diverse climbing terrain and its unmatched views of other mountains in northern Seoul. Though the ascent was not more than an hour and a half, it definitely got my adrenaline pumping. Despite the… Read More