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Night Markets

No better way to wrap up my posts about Taiwan than one of the most ubiquitous aspects of Taiwanese culture: night markets. They’re everywhere, they’re diverse and they’re every bit as amazing their reputations. I was in Taipei for five weeks and had quite a bit… Read More

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Taroko Gorge

4:45 am alarms can make for a harsh awakening. On this particular morning, Magalie and I were actually palpably ecstatic to greet the day at this ungodly hour. With a single day to explore Taroko Gorge, we wanted to take full advantage of every single second… Read More

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Hawaii of Taiwan

Kenting: The Hawaii of Taiwan? Not even close. Everyone raves about Kenting, the southernmost county of Taiwan. “The beaches are beautiful! White sand, clear water, lots of palm trees… it’s just like Thailand!” “The weather is so much warmer in Kenting. The sun is always… Read More

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Temples & Taro

Expecting another rainy December day, Magalie, my baby sister, and I were thrilled to wake up to perfectly clear skies at our awesome hostel, the Rising Surf Inn. It was idealic: a breakfast burrito served up as we watched the sun creep above the horizon… Read More

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Wai Ao

Awesome beachfront hostels for less than USD $20 are hard to come by no matter where you are. Sure, there is the occasional bamboo hut on the secluded beach in Thailand or the crowded dorm room in the Philippines, but, overall, quality beach front accommodation… Read More