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It dominates the Taipei skyline and dwarfs every other structure as far as the eye can see. It towers over a city that boasts very few buildings over even 10 stories tall. Taipei 101 if the defining visual symbol of the city and, I would… Read More

Costumice Cafe
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Costumice Café

I am the antithesis of a café connoisseur. I don’t frequent cafés often, I seldom drink tea and I don’t get anywhere near coffee of any sort. How, then, do you suppose I could possibly pass judgment on a café? Aesthetic appeal and music selection… Read More

Elephant Mountain Cover
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Four Beasts

Nah, I don’t need to follow my directions. I wandered towards Taipei 101, the iconic building that consistently serves as a directional landmark while traipsing around the city. I was determined to locate a perch from which to bask in the final hours of sun… Read More

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Beyond Stinky Tofu

Ubiquitous are the essential staples in Korean cuisine: seaweed, rice cakes, bean sprouts, seaweed, sweet potatoes, fish cakes, red bean, spam, meat on meat on meat and, of course, kimchi and all that fermented cabbage goodness in all its glory. For an outsider, repetitive ingredients… Read More