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Costumice Cafe
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Costumice Café

I am the antithesis of a café connoisseur. I don’t frequent cafés often, I seldom drink tea and I don’t get anywhere near coffee of any sort. How, then, do you suppose I could possibly pass judgment on a café? Aesthetic appeal and music selection… Read More

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Beyond Stinky Tofu

Ubiquitous are the essential staples in Korean cuisine: seaweed, rice cakes, bean sprouts, seaweed, sweet potatoes, fish cakes, red bean, spam, meat on meat on meat and, of course, kimchi and all that fermented cabbage goodness in all its glory. For an outsider, repetitive ingredients… Read More

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I should have learned my lesson at the Seoul Electronic Music Festival. Holga-ing while intoxicated = mostly a failure. It’s the changing of the film that gets me. Tuesday evening, we headed to Itaewon for 2-for-1 fish-n-chips at Wolfhound, a homey, Western-style Irish Pub. We… Read More