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One Weekend, Two Mountains

Achasan BacksideStanding at a mere 287 meters high, you have walked up hills steeper than Achasan. The appeal of Achasan lies not in its rather unimpressive size, but in its unmatched views of Seoul. This miniature mountain lies just north of the Han River in eastern Seoul and is totally worth it for its views of the city. Actually seeing the river wrap through the city is amazing. As you can see from the photograph above, on this particularly brisk Saturday morning, the Han was not only frozen, but also covered with snow. Wowza. I look forward to going back when visibility is higher.

Achasan is a great, easy option for absolutely anyone. For detailed directions, visit the Official Site
of Korea Tourism.

Manisan CoverAt 497 meters high, Manisan is the highest point on Ganghwado, the large island north of Incheon. I cannot say enough good things about this hike! Despite limited visibility, it was extremely gratifying. The ascent was neither particularly steep nor long, taking only about an hour to reach the peak. After reaching the summit, we hiked along a magical ridge overlooking the East China Sea. I cannot wait to go back in the summer to actually be able to truly experience this awesome mountain. Manisan was comparable to my other favorite ridge hike in the far south, Geojedo.

After hiking, we had the pleasure of indulging in one of my winter favorites, kalguksu.

As always, thanks to The Warren for taking Seoul Hiking Group on this adventure!

South China Sea Panoramic  Manisan Ridge On the Ridge Temple Figurines Temple GoldKalguksu Big BowlClam Kalguksu

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