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Apologies for all the wonky business. Things are in the process of being reformatted, redesigned and fixed. Check back super soon for new posts from Nepal! As always, thank you for taking time out of your busy life to take a glimpse into mine.

Gyeryongsan National Park

Gyeryongsan National Park

I never should have even consulted this thing, much less followed without hesitation… argh!  I silently fumed as I stormed away from what appeared to be some sort of inconspicuous military facility. As an ultra-late adapter of the smart phone (I’ve only been in possession… Read More

Deogyusan National Park

Deogyusan National Park

The plan: one weekend, two national parks. Calling a conveniently located AirBnb studio in downtown Daejon home for the weekend, I was all set to conquer two national parks I’d yet to visit. Up first: Deogyusan National Park. This hike reminded me of Chiaksan with… Read More

Baegundae, Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan Winter Magic

The mountains make my heart sing. John Muir quotes seem to have become ubiquitous on the internet, popping up almost daily in my various social media outlets. Despite Muir’s words teetering on the precipice of becoming the next Internet meme, his words best encapsulate how… Read More

One Hundred Days

The Final Countdown

The end is near. After three beautiful years in Seoul, the time to enthusiastically embrace the beginning of a new chapter has arrived. It is with both a heavy heart and a stomach full of butterflies that I will leave Seoul at the beginning of… Read More

Ulleungdo: Holga

Holga beauties from the spectacular Ulleungdo island, unedited and unfiltered. Isn’t film just the best? (Digital shots from Ulleungdo live here. )



It’s an unreal experience to have the privilege of your weekend looking this stunning. I’ve been in Korea for just over three years and it still boggles my mind. If you’re a Seoulite who rarely manages to get out of the big city, it is… Read More