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Wai Ao

Awesome beachfront hostels for less than USD $20 are hard to come by no matter where you are. Sure, there is the occasional bamboo hut on the secluded beach in Thailand or the crowded dorm room in the Philippines, but, overall, quality beach front accommodation… Read More

Dragon's Back Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Day 1

Dragon’s Back Time Magazine listed the Dragon’s Back as the best urban hike in the world. How could a hike ever live up to that kind of over-the-top expectation? Dragon’s Back is truly a phenomenal way to experience the legendary beauty of the islands of… Read More

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Life is Rad.

We’ve been busy sleeping in tents on beautiful beaches. Too much adventure for seriously needed photo editing and posting time. Fear not! The rainy, hot, miserable season is on its way and with it will come posts on Gangneung, Odaesan National Park, Juwangsan National Park,… Read More