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Tweak Out

For weeks, I had been looking forward to skiing in Yeongpyong the weekend of December 16th. It was all I had been talking about. Located a measly two hours away from Seoul, Yeongpyong is to be the site of the 2018 Alpine portion of the Winter Olympics. I’m crazy about winter. I love everything about it. I am particularly fond of being in the mountains and skiing. I couldn’t wait to go skiing.

And then I remembered the Seoul Design Festival was the same weekend.

I hesitated. I mulled. I pouted. I conceeded to the Seoul Design Festival.

It turned out to definately be the right decision.

Seoul Design Festival was held at COEX, a complex of epic, unworldly proportions. A hybrid super-mall/ convention center, the sheer scale of COEX blew my mind. Going into SDF (Seoul Design Festival) I was unsure of what to expect. It blew any and all expectations I may have had out of the water.

What I found most impressive was the presentation of the entire festival. Purple scaffolding, large wooden structures for oversize posters and a collaborative sound station were just a few of the treats the Seoul Design Festival had to offer.

Check out some of my favorites or see the full set on my Flickr.

Seoul Design Festival

Seoul Design Festival

Nice Type. Book, Art, Objet. Wait a minute… Objet? Unfortunate mistake?

Seoul Design Festival

Seoul Design Festival

Seoul Design Festival

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