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Children’s Day

Children's Day

In the states, we have Mother’s Day, we have Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, an entire month devoted to the appreciation of ice cream… almost anything you can imagine, there is at least a day devoted to its celebration. However, there is no day solely dedicated to the incredible little people that light up our lives. In Korea, we celebrate Children’s Day on May 5th. Children are showered with gifts from their parents, everything from flowers and candy to iPads and cell phones, and many spend the day at amusement parks such as Lotte World and Everland.

At school, this meant we got to spend the day making t-shirts, eating popcorn and watching movies. I love the times when I can be more friend and playmate than teacher. It’s a tough line to fight when teaching young kids, but this holiday was the perfect excuse to have a blast and simply enjoy the company of my wonderful students.

How could you it not have been a fantastic day?

Side note: In Korea, there is also no Mother’s or Father’s Day- there is Parent’s Day. Refreshing, isn’t it?

Children's Day Children's DayChildren's DayChildren's Day

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  1. rondiedoo

    This post is absolutely adorable! I am sure your students really enjoyed themselves!

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