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Thailand Lovin: Round Two

Koh Tao Supersampler Round 2.

I’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with my toy cameras. My lomography supersampler, which I absolutely adore, put out two rolls of film with a huge scratch right through the center of all four frames. There was also what looked like curled ribbon on the film in the upper lefthand quadrant. After a bit of investigation I realized the film was being sliced and torn apart by a small piece of out-of-place metal inside the camera. These photos have been edited quick and dirty, so apologies for the not-at-all seamless photoshop work.

The air is crisp and cool in Seoul this week. Fall is quickly approaching, but the memories of my summer vacation in Koh Tao are as fresh as ever. As I look at these pictures, I can hear my sister laughing, taste the salty water in my mouth and feel the hot hot heat of the summer sun on my face. It might be quite some time until I have the pleasure of returning to Thailand, but, until then, I’ll bask in the glory of these photos.

Full Koh Tao Guide + Chatuchak Market Guide + Sokcho Beach / Seoraksan in da’ works.


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