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Jirisan MishapOn my most recent trip to Jirisan National Park, I opted to solely take my Lomography Supersampler. Typically, I take three cameras on every hiking excursion: DSLR, Holga and Supersampler. To streamline both my editing process and my backpack, I wanted to try traveling light.

Some bad things happened. I dropped my camera down the mountain. It started taking bites out of film. I had communication problems / I made a mistake when dropping my film off to be developed. All in all, this roll of film is confusing. If anyone has any insight into why this roll of film is all a bit exposed / milky / sepia toned / sad looking, I would love to hear it! I thought this was a role of slide film to be cross processed, but now I’m thinking… no. Not so much.

Jirisan MishapJirisan MishapJirisan Mishap

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