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Treasure Island

Remember when I mentioned we were going to attempt 54 kilometers in one day? Yeah, well, it didn’t exactly work out that way. Myself and a few of my bests were with Seoul Hiking Group, attempting a new hike that our fearless leader, The Warren had never done himself. We ran into loads of logistical issues and ultimately decided to call it quits around 30 kilometers. I have a few Holga shots from the hike, but have yet to receive them back from development.

Before heading back to Seoul, we made a pit stop at the Namhae rice terraces. Whoooeee! It felt more like being in Northern California than Korea. I’ve never seen the Korean coast look so magnificent! The actual rice terraces did not look like they were currently being used, but there was a fantastic walkway that went along the coast.

Anxiously awaiting the film from this adventure…

Namhae3 Namhae2Namhae 1

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