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Waves of Change

Chapter Two There is a date in the near future, approaching like a freight train and you can’t see past it. You can’t imagine what your life will hold beyond that point. You tirelessly try to create an image in your mind of what even the most mundane of activities will be like, knowing very well that most of what you imagine will turn out to be a far cry from reality.

I can remember only 3 other times in my life when I was so aware that momentous changes were on the way: leaving the nest for college, uprooting myself from Des Moines to San Francisco and moving across the world to Korea.

I was then the grateful benefactor of nearly 2 years of settled bliss.

And then BOOM. Just like that, everything began to shift and change, as it always does, all at once. Since my last post, it feels as though nearly every external factor in my life has changed.

My closest friends have all departed Korea, most of them destined for post-graduate studies. I was left by a man I cared for deeply and considered to be my partner. I’ve had several bouts with non-threatening, but nevertheless inconvenient and financially detrimental health issues. I decided to move to America (!) and try out this teaching thing for real. I came back full circle to re-realize my love for Korea and the lifestyle it affords.

In 5 days, I will be unemployed. In 11 days, I will be effectively homeless. In 12 days, I will be in Nepal, destined for one month of Himalayan adventures. The months of November and December will take me island hopping in the Philippines and hot pot sipping in Taiwan. The winter holidays are slated to take me back stateside.

Early February holds the promise of Korea, Chapter 2.

I have been nothing but lucky the past two years, incredibly fortunate to have experienced 2 years of relative ease and comfort.  Now, it’s time for the really scary stuff. It’s time for the excitement and fear that comes with not having any idea what the day will bring. It’s time for the unknown and the adventures that ensue trying to figure it all out.

These are the times we live for.

Before leaving for Nepal, I plan to roll out the backlog of posts I have accumulated during the last few roller coaster months. Pardon the belated, belated timing.

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