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Thorong-La, Annapurna CircuitI’ve been having Creative Suites dreams for weeks. I have been fantasizing about Photoshop actions and InDesign commands. After 3 months of traveling, I have finally arrived home in good ole’ St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Expect lots of exciting posts to be rolling out in the next few weeks while I tweak out, whittle down and edit some 4,000 photos  and nearly 50,000 words.

Happy Holidays & Adventures!




  1. I came across your blog when researching Sungbuk SLP because I was just offered a job with them. I have loved reading about your adventures inside and outside of school! I was hoping you might be willing to chat more one-on-one about specifics of your position and experiences. Please feel free to email at benge.mary@gmail. I hope to hear from you & if not, good luck with everything!

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