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Warp Speed

Bustin’ moves.

Getting back into the swing of things in Seoul has left precious little time for writing, editing and caring for the blagh. Amidst the dawn of a fresh preschool year, I’ve been swamped with apartment hunting and (finally) settling into a new home. Adjusting back into Korean life has been a blur.

Taiwan will be coming atcha warp speed, as will posts from all over the homeland: lots of Midwest love from Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois, big ole’ Rocky Mountains from Colorado and a whole lot of redwoods and crashing Pacific coastlines from California.

Posts and beauties, soon. So soon! Thank you for your patience. 



  1. Hello! Found your blog while looking for other blogs that are also using the Moka theme and ended up leafing through most of your posts. We’re thinking of going to Nepal and are now more excited about it after looking through your gorgeous photos. Looking forward for more posts soon. 🙂

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