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Children’s Day

In the states, we have Mother’s Day, we have Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, an entire month devoted to the appreciation of ice cream… almost anything you can imagine, there is at least a day devoted to its celebration. However, there is no day solely dedicated… Read More

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The first few months of being thrown into a wildly new environment are always challenging, even under the best of circumstances. Just as you’re about to give up, the tide begins to turn (pardon the cheese). Moving to Seoul from San Francisco was harsh. In… Read More

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Luck of the Irish

The clouds parted and the St. Patrick’s gods granted us with sunshine, the first decently warm day of the year and, thankfully, cheap, green, Korean beer. My coworker, Ashlyn, and I were decked out from head to toe in over-enthusiastically festive duds. We headed to… Read More

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Worked Out

Ever wonder how a preschool housed in a small sliver of a single floor of an office building facilitates gym class? New this year, our school has hired Korean “gym teachers.” They open up three classrooms, roll out props of sorts… and it’s actually kind… Read More