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Backyard Playground

Mount Bukhansan

Some teachers complain that we live too far away from the hot spots of Seoul. We live in the ghetto. There’s nothing to do. There are no foreigners. It sucks.

I would completely disagree.

As the weather warms up, I am eternally, exponentially grateful to have this amazing treat in my backyard. I am certain this will be the first of many enthralling posts on Mount Bukhansan. The most-hiked mountain in the world at only 2,744 ft, Mt. Bukhansan isn’t particularly beautiful, isn’t particularly extraordinary, but in a mega-city of well-over 10 million people, it feels like no small miracle.

And yes, the outdoor gyms are not only for real, they are scattered all over the city and used frequently.

Mount Bukhansan Outdoor GymHula on BukhansanDaeseongmun Gate

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