Muuido Island, off the coast of Incheon International Airport
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Muuido Island is only a 10 minute ferry ride off the southeast coast of Incheon International airport, a mere hour or so outside of Seoul. After being held captive by the winter in Seoul, Muuido was a wonderful, welcome change.

Myself and three girlfriends stayed in a tiny, basic hut on the beach. Amidst weeks of ice cold weather, we lucked out and had the pleasure of not only tolerable, but awesome weather. Add in some great company, a bonfire, waking up to the sound of the ocean and a magnificent sunset hike watching the sun set into the ocean, we had the recipe for a fantastic weekend. I definitely plan on revisiting Muuido… but next time, I’ll opt for the tent.

The first of many (almost) spring trips to come.

Thanks to Warren over at Seoul Hiking Group for sponsoring another great trip!

Muuido HutsMuuido HutAshlyn inside hutCamping at MuuidoRocky Muuido LandscapeHiking MuuidoSeoul Hiking GroupSunset Hiking Sunset on the Coast




  1. daisy

    hi! my friend and i are planning an overnight trip to muuido next week and so far the only accommodation that comes up are these huts, but no actual info on how/where to book. do you have any info/suggestions? thanks in advance!

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