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Just Keeps Getting Better

As my cravings for cheese and wine continue to intensify, I know time is passing. In fact, it seems to be flying by at an absurd pace. It has officially been 8 months since I arrived in Korea.

The weather has been magnificent, the company wonderful and the job, both surprisingly wonderful and challenging everyday. The weekend trips keep getting better and better. I couldn’t ask for more. Korea is a true blessing; I can’t believe how many experiences I have had the privilege of having. It is mind-blowing.

The summer is coming. Yellow dust, rainy season and unbearable heat are close on the horizon. These are things I begrudgingly accept are coming. Mudfest, Thailand and a visit from my baby sister will more than compensate for the shortcomings of the balmy weather.

Plans for post-Korea are exciting, underway and will be shared soon, I’m sure.

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