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Dinosaur Ridge

Seoraksan is hands-down, in my opinion, the most beautiful, amazing place in Korea. You may recall I ventured to this mountain in the fall. However, it was frigid, rainy and I was highly unprepared. This weekend was a different story – not a cloud in the sky, fantastic company and a well-abled body.

I traveled with Seoul Hiking Group to go the distance and tackle Dinosaur Ridge (see above photograph), a challenge I had been anxiously awaiting. We began at 3am, reaching the summit, Daecheongbgong Peak, shortly after sunrise. From here we continued into inner Seoraksan to find Dinosaur Ridge and conquer not one, not two, but six more peaks. While climbing the peaks was perilous (in fact, if you are injured, helicopters are unable to reach the ridge to come to your rescue,) it was not nearly as terrifying as I had feared. Dinosaur ridge was more beautiful than I could have possible anticipated, each peak more breathtaking than the last. This hike blew my mind and I think the photographs speak for themselves.

Enlarge those panoramics!

Dinosaur Ridge in the Distance


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  3. mark

    Hi! Thanks for the very informative post! I am also planning to go to Seoraksan and see the dinosaur ridge but I am only planning to photograph it from a distance and not to actually climb it. Can you suggest what would be the best trail to undertake so that I can have the best view of dinosaur ridge?

    • Dinosaur Ridge is in Inner Seorak, so it is difficult to see it from a distance. The best vantage point, in my opinion, if from Huingak Shelter, which can be reached in about 2.5 hours from the entrance of the park. From Daechong-bong, the true peak of Seoraksan, you also have a decent view of Dinosaur Ridge, although you are still pretty far away. Have a fantastic time… good luck!

      • Mark Marcelino

        Thanks a lot! You have a great travel blog!

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