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Yoido Pool

Lomography Supersampler

Meet the newest addition to my camera family: the awesome Lomography Supersampler! These shots are from my inagural roll on the quad-lense toy camera.

This past weekend I headed to the Yoido pool, a huge pool complex located on Han River, to catch some rays, enjoy some fantastic company and play with my new camera. My first Seoul pool experience was the antithesis of what I imagined. In a conservative culture where a parasol is deemed a necessity to protect the whiteness of your skin, I could not have anticipated a subculture of oiled-up, bronze, tanning enthusiasts.

The Yoido pool is a sprawling campus complete with three pools, large decks with tanning chairs and grassy fields covered in tents and bodies soaking up the sun. I was equally surprised by the presence of the tents, huge meatheads in speedos and the fact that you are required to wear swimming caps upon entering the pool. Yes, that’s right, swimming caps.

I’m super excited to continue sharing photos from my new camera!

Yoido PoolYoido PoolYoido Pool

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