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Muuido Round Three

I’ve alway been a huge fan of Muuido, the small island off the coast of Incheon. It’s barely outside
of Seoul, but operates on a completely different pace. One convenience store, a few bathrooms, a handful of restaurants and, of course, the “rustic” huts, make for a great breath of fresh air from the city. To ring in the supposed arrival of spring (perhaps I was a bit too optimistic), we headed to the island with Seoul Hiking Group. Armed with food, refreshments and, foolishly, our swimsuits, we
set up camp for the weekend. It was a bit too icy to truly enjoy, but the fantastic sunset made it totally worth it. Muuido was a wonderful escape.

Side note: A 7-story, bright blue tower has recently shot up in the middle of the beach that serves as
a launching pad for a zipline. This obtrusive structure blasts a playlist of less than 10 songs – on repeat. The same songs. Every. Day. I personally found this to really detract from the experience of relaxing on the beach. The 10 tracks were a mix of traditional Korean folk music, Korean hip hop and, yes, Psy. Bummer!
Muuido Reflection Muuido Supersampler Muuido Holga Muuido Sunset Muuido Sunset Muuido Sunset

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