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Annapurna Circuit Day 5
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Day 5

The morning was a total cluster f**k (pardon the language). We woke up super early to dismal weather and spirits were a bit broken. We were collectively losing hope that we would see The Himalayas in all their glory! How should we proceed? The weather… Read More

Annapurna Circuit Day 3
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Day 3

Warning: Distuubing details about bodily functions divulged below. Day 3: D-Day Booty, booty. Big Climbs. Walking on crowded paths. Too many people. Stuck in big groups. I pooped myself. My overnight diharrea-fest left me feeling weak and dehydrated the morning of Day 3. Hiking when… Read More

Annapurna Circuit Day 2 Cover
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Day 2

Day of the Waterfalls Whooooeeeeee! Waking up after tearing through so many kilometers on Day 1 was rough. Every single muscle hurt. Sure, I’d completed many hikes of this length over the last few years. What I hadn’t done is carry a big ole’ pack.… Read More

Annapurna Circuit Day 1
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Day 1

To Preface  For those of you who are unaware, the Annapurna Circuit is a 200 kilometer route that winds around the Annapurna massif, culminating in the crossing of Thorong La pass at a beastly 5, 416 meters. I chose this trek for a variety of… Read More