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Bungee Jump Cover
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My weight in kilometers proudly stamped on my hand, I eagerly made my way towards the metal, grated bridge suspended 160 meters above the rushing Bhote Kosi River. As myself and twenty fellow adrenaline-seekers made our way towards the heaving bridge, an oppressive silence descended… Read More

Monkey Temple Cover
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Monkey Business

Super popular tourist attractions aren’t particularly up my alley, but Swayambhunath, better known as Monkey Temple, is worth it a visit. A short cab ride away from Thamel, the attraction offers up impressive views of the Kathmandu Valley. It’s not every day you get the… Read More

Nepal Cover
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In the Beginning

I stood apprehensively in front of the double doors heading out of the Tribhuvan International Airport, the flying hub of Kathmandu, Nepal. I had just finished exchanging my USD for Nepali Rupees and was mentally preparing myself to take my first steps out of the… Read More