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Point Lobos Cover
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“The Greatest Meeting of Land and Water”

Seated near the edge of a precariously perched rock, my feet were dangling, being gently sprayed by the salty ocean mist. I popped open a container filled with an assortment of berries and reveled in the beauty of my breakfast feast. The clouds parted and the sun unexpectedly lit up the water as… Read More

Big Sur, California
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The Best Coast

Armed with a pack full of snacks and trail goodies, rudimentary printed-out directions and a borrowed Magellan circa 1999, I was out the door at 5am. (As a member of the nearly-extinct phoneless population, these antiquated media are key to my survival.) There wasn’t a trace of a cloud in… Read More

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Rocky Mountains

I had been back in ‘Merica for five days. Two days of salted caramel ice cream and playing at Joaquin Miller Park in the Bay Area and I was jet-setting to spend Christmas with my family in St. Louis, Missouri. Two days later, I had packed… Read More