Point Lobos Cover
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“The Greatest Meeting of Land and Water”

Seated near the edge of a precariously perched rock, my feet were dangling, being gently sprayed by the salty ocean mist. I popped open a container filled with an assortment of berries and reveled in the beauty of my breakfast feast. The clouds parted and the sun unexpectedly lit up the water as far as I could see. I could of sworn I heard the bark of sea lions basking around the next cove. 

Point Lobos was the host of this idyllic morning, the first stop on my aforementioned road trip from Oakland southbound to Big Sur.

The unbelievable beauty of Point Lobos is no secret for those who call Northern California home.
As was once said by Frances McComas, Point Lobos is, “the greatest meeting of land and water
in the world.”
  This was my first early-morning stop on my coastal adventure. I arrived to Point Lobos just as the park opened, the weather wasn’t particularly wonderful and I had the unique privilege of having the park all to myself. Next time, I’ll be sure to set aside a day to explore the
park in its entirety.

Point Lobos, CaliforniaPoint Lobos, CaliforniaPoint Lobos, CaliforniaPoint Lobos, CaliforniaPoint Lobos, CaliforniaPoint Lobos, CaliforniaSun5Point Lobos, California

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