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Eames & A Hoegaarden

Recently, Korea has really started to grow on me.

As the initial, instinctual appeal of the epic Seoul nightlife scene wore off, I found myself homesick and wanting to discover things that were real. More substantial. That wouldn’t make me feel like I was hit by a train the next day.

I began to discover that Seoul has much more to offer than an outrageous, albeight amazingly impressive club scene.

Enter AA Design Museum.

Nestled off of the beaten path in Hongdae, the nightlife capital of Seoul, AA Design Museum and Cafe is one of those incredible gems that makes me feel at home.

An amazing space with towering concrete walls, AA Design Museum is a coffee shop/ lounge / chair museum all-in-one. It has this great energy. It is literally buzzing with good vibes.

While I have yet to spend substantial time here, I foresee many-a-Saturday spent relaxing, cruising the blogosphere, people watching and (bonus!) drinking Hoegaarden on tap.

The icing on the cake is that two doors down is a gastronomic ice cream shop owned by a San Franciscan. Yup, that’s right… they have salted carmel ice cream in Korea… but more on that to come!

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